More and more people today choose to live green. This means becoming aware of the problems that our lifestyle and our consumption habits create for the environment, and adopting countermeasures, solutions different from those established, which give rise to new habits. how we conceive our home: these are small, big choices that chart the course of change. And as we will see, even a curtain can make a difference.

To understand it, just look around. The environmental issue is the one on which the challenge of the future is played, and the old production models, based on the intensive exploitation of raw materials and on the linear “production-consumption-disposal” approach, appear dramatically unsuitable to face it. In fact, resources are starting to run low, unlike waste, which is increasingly numerous, dangerous and difficult to dispose of.

And so it is urgent to take new paths, focusing on technology and research to rethink the way in which materials are obtained and recycled. Take for example nylon, the synthetic fiber par excellence, the first made chemically, in a laboratory in Washington, 85 years ago. Even then the need was to find an alternative, specifically to silk, whose exports had been blocked. On the eve of the war, the US military was desperate for a robust, yet flexible, and above all inexpensive material to make its own parachutes.

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